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We are what we think

Are we directing our thoughts in an intelligent way?

Are we aware of everything that we are attracting through our way of thinking?

Some of us already live and vibrate in the certainty that we are what we think, and although we were excited by this discovery, it is at the time of implementation that we learn that it is still not easy to monitor our thoughts regularly.

We are what we think

We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” - by Lord Buddha.

Unfortunately, we don't realize that some of our thoughts no longer serve us, we often don't notice that we are feeding limiting thoughts that impede our development.

As life evolves and changes, it is necessary to self analyze from time to time in order to let go of old thoughts and habits, being stuck in the same thought process for years and years without renewing and opening up for new experiences will not initiate change.

You will not get a different answer with the same questions.

Instead a repetitive cycle will continue, and your dreams will be left unfulfilled.

Old thoughts are not the key to your new reality.

This analysis can inspire new attitudes, shift your focus and transform your reality.

Getting to know yourself is crucial because what you don't know plays against you.

If you stop to think a little bit, you'll realize that it's not worth going around in circles and getting the same results as always.

Knowledge brings us freedom and power.

It's great to have the possibility of enhancing and manipulating in a certain way the future results through our thoughts.

But due to the fact that we live on autopilot or get consumed by the daily routine, we don't stop to analyze our lives enough even when we feel dissatisfied with the results obtained.

And even though our lives aren't at all compatible with our expectations and we've been living through the same things and sufferings for years, we still don't recognize the warning sign warning us that we need to change.

We continue the journey often exhausted and without any strategy that can help us or transform our realities.

I think it is essential that we take a moment to design, plan and implement techniques that can help us to achieve more satisfactory results.

It is very important to consider that if we always do things the same way, we will always get the same results.

"The best gift we can offer the world, is our own transformation."- Lao Tzu

Another important factor is that we don't realize that we are often thought, we are not thinking on our own.

It's important to notice that your thoughts are not always YOURS :(

Without realizing it, we direct our lives according to external and unreliable factors such as news, opinions and so, from one minute to another, we settle in fear and dissatisfaction without realizing that these ideas never came from us.

Due to these feelings of fear, insecurity and constant dissatisfaction, we end up "printing" our tomorrow according to our mental state.

Unpleasant facts end up repeating themselves as we become more and more frustrated and with an intense feeling of powerlessness to create a life according to our expectations.

In fact, your mind follows your commands.

You are the one who deals with each thought and chooses your reality.

Think about it.

I invite you to think about thinking.

Small changes in the way you think can get you into a lot more pleasant situations.

Don't ignore your creative ability.

Invest in self-knowledge, it is very pleasant to reap the interest on these investments.

Power sets free.

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