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The Deaf Frog

Here’s an old story that helps us persevere, even when we encounter obstacles and setbacks.

In the frog world, a race is organised once a year.

Every year the race had a different finishing line.

Here’s an old story that helps us persevere, even when we encounter obstacles and setbacks.
Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison

That year, the participants of the race had to reach the top of an old tower.

Many spectators, and all the frogs from the pond too, gathered around to support the hoppers

and watch them race up the tower.

And then the race began…

Once the race had started, the spectators began to believe that it was impossible for the frogs to reach the top of the tower.

All the comments you could hear sounded something like this:

“Just look at how much they’re sweating!!! They’ll never make it!”

“Impossible! They’ll never reach the top!”

“Their bodies just aren’t made for a race like this!”

“It looks like they’ll die before reaching the top!”

The frogs began to feel discouraged, one after the other.

Many gave up, except for a few who bravely continued to climb the tower, encouraging each other on.

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”― Albert Einstein

“Stay strong, froggy . We trained hard for this. Keep it up.”

But at the bottom of the tower the spectators continued to shout:

“It’s completely useless! No one can make it! Look! Almost everyone has given up!”

And the last few frogs admitted defeat, except for one who kept climbing in spite of

everyone and everything.

Alone, and with an enormous amount of effort, he reached the top of the tower…

His fellow frogs were stunned.

They wanted to know how he managed to do it.

One of them went up to him to ask how he had aced the race.

And it was then that his competitor discovered that… the winning frog… was…. deaf!


Don’t listen to people that make a habit out of being negative… because they will prevent

you from making progress.

Remember the power of the POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING words you say or hear.


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