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The Awakening of Consciousness

There comes a time in life when we realize that we are undergoing a profound transformation of thoughts and awakening of consciousness.

This process has a great power to help us with self-knowledge making it possible to gradually access much more effective tools within, and thus give a much more meaningful direction to our lives.

During the process of awakening we can observe small differences between our past and current decisions.

We have the perception, although slightly, even in the face of life's difficulties that it is already possible for us to find answers to problems more easily and with a certain calm.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

- Eckhart Tolle

Expand your consciousness
The Awakening of Consciousness

Many of us already feel more capable and stronger in certain situations that had the power to unbalance us in the past.

Even though they are still imperceptible, these are some signs that demonstrate the beginning of an awakening.

In the process, we acquire a broader internal capacity that we have been working on consciously or unconsciously.

Gradually and without realizing it, each one of us will go through this natural process of life, remembering that universally everything must constantly evolve and transform.

During the constant internal process of awakening, we begin to discover our true nature and the perception of a new reality.

Even though we are still trapped and following some of the same patterns of materialism, due to these transformations of thoughts we begin to feel a greater capacity to unlock the intelligence of our minds, thus transforming everything around us, as life starts to change and acquire another rhythm.

We start by looking beyond the surface and through to the meaning of our actions and the actions of others.

We feel the need to understand about many things and then all the answers seem to be open to us.

We realize that many things that life teaches us have totally different meanings from the knowledge we previously learned.

We start to doubt everything we know and come up with a new belief system that seems more real and universally followed by many.

That old way of living life already causes us some discomfort and many doubts, we do not accept to continue with the same attitudes as before: to consume to live, to work to consume and nothing more.

As we awaken, we do not allow ourselves to be trapped by the vicious circle of blind consumerism.

Not that money and everything it can provide is not important to us, but things just need to take another shape.

It is as if we find "viruses" in our lives and we need to format them before we start again.

It is part of the process that we start to consider and value ourselves more.

A certain synchronicity between us and our inner self comes into play, we clearly perceive that ideas flow easily and instead of looking outside before taking the next steps in life we ​​feel totally capable of designing a unique and tailored experience, which starts to satisfy us day by day even before we reach our final goal.

Finding viable paths to achieve our most complex goals no longer frighten us and we begin to realize that it is totally possible to find or even invent a way out when necessary, gradually we start to trust in our ability to choose, each day becoming better at overcoming obstacles along the way.

We start doing things simply because we love doing them, not just to make progress or because others are doing it.

We feel the need to create our own path.

We follow the call of our hearts, believing in intuition, and we understand that there are enough opportunities for everyone.

During this process of the unfolding of consciousness, we are able to slowly unveil our true self, gradually bringing it to the surface.

Over time we end up seeing our newly transformed thoughts become reality.

Due to this complex and necessary process we have come to the conclusion that we are becoming stronger and stronger, we feel prepared to overcome conflicts with our own internal power with the certainty of being ready to further challenging situations whatever they may be.

Presented by the firmness and fluidity of the acquired thoughts, the ability to direct our lives in the desired direction becomes a great achievement, attracting the credibility of others and facilitating our journey.

As a consequence, we not only develop as a person, but we begin to prosper financially, socially, and mentally, influencing everyone around us with our actions and energy causing amazing changes in our lives.

It is also interesting to identify that it is part of the process of awakening consciousness that we naturally pay more attention to our body and mind, understanding that a healthy body makes the opportunities in front of us possible and due to this attention we start to eat well and exercise regularly.

With these practices, our body is able to heal us from emotional and physical traumas quickly.

We become more aware and slowly we start shifting causing us to treat everyone with the same respect that we give ourselves.

The journey of awakening consciousness is a broad and complex subject, it would be impossible to analyze all its aspects in this article.

We will discuss more about this topic in other articles of the genre.

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