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Leadership & Racism | Bias

My simple and straightforward take on Leadership & Racism/Bias.
We keep saying that Racism has no place in our society, but it keeps popping its ugly head everywhere in our daily life, at work, in our neighborhoods, schools, sports, market place, etc.
 Racism Is A Pandemic
Leadership & Racism | Bias

At the onset, let us all get really comfortable and honest with the fact that we are all biased at some level about something or someone.
Now, as long as these feelings remains contained within our heart and soul and does not impact others in an adverse manner, I would say good on us i.e one is able to remain objective with these feeling when making decisions impacting others. However, it is when one is not able to keep the clear boundary and let one’s bias come in the way of making fair and just decisions that impacts others in an adverse manner, that we ought to have the WISDOM as leaders to seek help or get out of the way.
Here are some possible solutions to address the challenge of racism/bias at an organizational level:
1. Ask the leader/leaders to resign and find ways to get transformational help for them to resolve their bias for everyone’s benefit but first their own soul. We must lead ourselves first before leading others.
2. If one fails to resign and insist on being biased and detrimental to others, the BOARD or the governing body should fire this Leader.
3. If the CEO/Leader/Board are all biased and continue on with the business as usual, then the SHAREHOLDERS needs to VOTE and fire these folks.
4. If the shareholders demonstrate indifference to the board and the CEO because all they care for is the bottom-line, then the MARKETPLACE and CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS, need to stop using their products/services to bring about the progress.
You see one of the most critical DRIVERS in our culture for change and progress is the mighty dollar. Yet, it's influence is limited for long lasting change/progress.
When the bottom-line is impacted, people or organizations are forced to take notice. This in my observance is not the kind of change or progress that is long lasting. Any change that transpires in people or company due to force or coercion is a band-aid, as the underlying cancer still lives on.
A truly progressive and long-lasting change leading to progress in people or organizations must originate from the thoughts, feelings, souls, and actions, of the individuals/leaders as a true realization of good vs evil, good vs great, right vs wrong, greater good vs individual greed, courage over fear. This reminds me of what Tony Robbins, says all the time,
“If you are in your head, you are dead”.
Hence, I urge all to look deep in our soul for the imperfections that we all are endowed with, seek out our blind-spots, and take action to ensure that we are going out in the world with our very best version for ourselves and for the greater good.
In closing, I share this quote, I once read or heard from someone that I believe captures the essence of how to ground ourselves in pursuit of greater goodness:
“ Forget all the good you have done for others;
Forget all the harm others have done to you.
Remember the harm you have done to others,
Remember the good others have done for you.”

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of the author and author alone.

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