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Myself In Nice, France

I'm Lilian, welcome!

I am proud and love to be multilingual, traveler, mother of two, lover of beauty in all its forms, a person who lives for summer (not a winter lover), an unrealistic human being who always finds a unique way to carry on forward, skipping the regular patterns on purpose.

My goal is to design an extraordinary life for myself and others, defined by uncompromising living in non-traditional ways, "translating" into my terms through unusual and unconventional means.
Creativity is a characteristic that has helped me a lot in life.

I strongly believe that creativity has the power to evoke emotions and change the world.
From transforming old furniture to owning a shop on etsy, I love expressing myself in many ways.
Some of the greatest pleasures in my life are understanding, absorbing and embracing new cultures and bringing a positive outlook to any situation, setting higher and healthier standards wherever I go.

I live for global experiences and knowledge is extremely valuable to me. I am currently working on mastering a fifth language and having a lot of fun with it.

Personal development has a fixed place in my life.

Remember to ...

Follow your dreams no matter what! Believe in yourself and never give up. Take action and keep pushing forward, even if the journey is long and difficult. The rewards of achieving your goals will be worth it in the end. Trust yourself and stay focused on your goals. Good luck

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